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Discovering Yourself

Discovering Yourself

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Life is full of choices.

They are too short, to experiment all.

Some, we learn from experiences,

Some, we steal from other’s experiences.

Having passion as a profession is a blessing for few.

At times, we need to make choices as per situations.

We may get into a different career, but the passion within us doesn’t die, it is the zeal, to battle with negative emotions,

it is within you, no need to work hard to achieve it,

just provide quality time for it.

It can't be measured, because that’s what keeps your inner self happy.

Once your inner self is fulfilled and makes you confident, you won't seek appreciation

from the external world, as you know about yourself better than others.

People like to be around you when your passion dictates your life.

Develop a passion, of any kind, it entertains you, and you will rediscover yourself.

Passion is not just about learning, and burying it's about promoting the zeal for others as well.

Passionate people, look to raise more such people, there is a hidden leader in them.

Let the passion, keeps evolving don't restrict them.

Fight procrastination with a passion, don't target the end goals.

Enjoy the journey towards the goals, with passion.

It directs you toward the goals by providing solutions in adversity.

Is your weapon ready, to chisel your life?

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