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Swaty Singh



Swaty Singh




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The evening clock struck seven;

The table was served, the coffee was poured.

Everything seemed perfect next to heaven

But the sky outside cried and roared!

But today she knew she had to start,

Today she knew she had to open her heart.

In the wee corner of the coffee shop they were sitting,

And, one last time she saw the cup she was sipping.

"What is depression?", is what she could mutter,

But these three words were enough for him to stutter.

He was puzzled and had nothing to say,

"Umm...sadness of the superior level, that it may?"

Astonished by the reply, she just looked down,

While her forehead definitely showed her frown.

"Huh..sadness? Do you think sadness is what it is?

Well, then let me explain you this..."

"Depression, my friend, is a constant struggle,

To become free from this suffocating bubble.

You feel hollow and not a single emotion,

Defining it with sadness is such a wrong notion!"

"You want to be alone and not a lonely soul,

You feel paralysingly numb, and just can't explain it all.

Sinking into the darkness is how you sway,

It is scary and tiring with nothing at bay."

"Broken, confused, never good enough is what you feel,

When "help me" replaces with "I am fine", but you smile still.

When invisible ropes choke you to death,

When every moment you struggle to get a breath."

"When everyday is a fight to live

When clearly you want to be free and die,

That is what you call depression; a term you give

When tears cease to fall but your heart seems to cry!"

With a deep breath she looked around;

But this time he saw what she bore.

It wasn't the sky outside making the thunderous sound,

It was her heart, carrying the cry and the roar!!

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