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Aiysha khan

Abstract Inspirational Others


Aiysha khan

Abstract Inspirational Others

Dear Society

Dear Society

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You tore me, you made me cry,

You broke me, you made me die.

You shattered my dreams, 

You killed my desires. 

You put allegation, 

You put me on fire,

To some where you compared me,

And some where you raised my hire.

All goes through your hands,

Our wishes,

Our thoughts,

And of course all our admirers.

You characterize a girl 

Accordingly, to her attire.

Men aren’t meant to cry

That what you apply.

Where is it written

That they never get in fire?

Women should remain covered

That shows a family’s respect,

Men are meant to do 

What society accepts.

Men can’t help a woman,

This makes him useless.

Women aren’t meant to work late,

If done, then you are characterless.

Oh god, what the hell,

This society is so cruel,

No religion, no humanity,

How will we survive with such cruelty?

People are killing each other,

Here fake humanity resides.

What you see in front of you,

Hides the cruel truth of camera behind.

Dear society, 

Please stop being so rude,

We all have to die one day,

Then why such attitude.

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