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Priya Singh



Priya Singh


Dear Love

Dear Love

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Dear Love,

The debate is still on;

No, I am not confused,

I just fear my love for you.

I fear that at the end of the day, all I will get in return is pain.

I fear that my love for you, might hurt you too.

I fear longing with a sour pain; faking a smile, seeing someone else as your happiness.

I fear to love you;

I am afraid,

before I would get a chance to hug you tightly,

and kiss your lips, you will disappear like a mist.

No it is not your fault, you don't even know I exist.

I foolishly keep drowning myself in your love even though I know it is dangerous and fathomless. 

I kept denying the fact that you weren't made to be mine.

And keep peeking at you through magazines and social media sites.

Falling and hurting myself, was something

I predicted very early but still, this heart wants what it wants.

I kept loving you in the fantasies, I created.

I kept loving you in the

poems, I bleed.

I kept loving you in the

stories, I write.

My every word starts with you

And continues even after thousands of full stops.

Our story actually never had any full stops, only semicolons.

And even now, I will still say;

I love you.

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