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Cupid's Crown

Cupid's Crown

2 mins

One dusky eve did Cupid come

Arms laden with a bunch of crowns...

Some were of carved gold made, of smelted silver some,

Of Green Holly were some wreaths, some woven of Olive browns.

"Pray what are these and whom would you tell?"

"Crowns for the Heirs of Love" said he.. each gets his love's worth".

"For him that woos the Regal Sceptre, the carved gold shall fit well..

For him that on chivalry sets heart, shall silver adorn his noble head's girth..

"Olive for him who fights not to kill but to excel at that which uplifts hus race-"

"Holly for them that make hearts swell

With the loving halo of pious ways"

"Rose wreaths here are for passionate lovers those

That write with blood their loves"

"Yew for the tombs of peaceful lovers those, silent as doves"...

Cupid paused and methought I felt

The hum of the Ethers above..

Like an era it seemed before the hard words I spelt:

"What gets the one who loves Love?"

His queer collection he searched and held:

The cherished gift, unclaimed, rare..

"This Crown of Thorns is what Love himself gets to wear"...

In an instant I saw him his own head adorn...

"In Life's glorious gamble, love is a queer pawn---

Should you lose or victorious rise

The same remains the Prize:

"My Crown Of Thorns!"

It surprised me when I heard what my voice said :

"All I ask for Cupid, is the Crown that adorns your head".

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