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Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Abstract Action Inspirational


Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Abstract Action Inspirational

Contextual Poem : Ramayana: Kaweeshwar

Contextual Poem : Ramayana: Kaweeshwar

2 mins

The confluence of the seven gates is the visual dimension of the Milky Way wall

Sri Lakshmi Samata Vishnu, the status quo on Adiseshu

Vaikuntha is the meeting place of the guardian rulers of the four-sided walls

Vilasille chromatic, majestic integrated vaikuntha vasula tishtha.

Napudu where Mahavishnu nurtures the cosmic state of all good fortune

Sanakasa Nandana Muniswaras see Mahavishnu and Sri Mahalakshmi

The gates ruled by the victors will be closed

How can the Supreme Lord destroy the evil Buddhas as evil flourishes?

Sanakasanandanadus Jayavijayas cursed, Jayavijayas worshiped Vishnu

Vaikuntham is finally friends and devotees for seven births to give them a chance

Will I be separated, or will the three births become hostile to me (Vishnu) and reach the world of Vishnu?

Jaya, the victors take the second chance and follow the path of iniquity to attain Nirvana.

Maha Lakshmi Devi Poem:

The aesthetic mass of all the treasures born from the ocean of milk

Weeks of weeks spent with compassionate, humble utterances

Sri Maha Vishnu is a resident of the heart of Sri Indira Hrudaya Mandir

Pati Pada Sevanam Continuous Kriya Yukta Pativrata Shiromani Sahavasi

The sum of all the Lakshmis is the incarnation of Vishnu's wife and husband

The form of Adi Lakshmi, who first emerged as a Vedavati in the age of Treta

It is the divine form that takes the form of Rama, the incarnation of Sri Mahavishu

Vishnu Pratyaksambai Rama is not a monogamist but lusts for the future

Insulted by Ravana, Vedavati Devicursed and ignited in the Yogagni

Available to Sira dhwaja Janaka Maharaja as Bhu jata by plowing the field

Raised with the daughters of Kusha dhwaja Maharaja with innate relatives named Sita

Maithili as a girl is an ideal life for parents, colleagues, and devotional path.

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