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Amita Khanna

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Amita Khanna

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Come Back

Come Back

2 mins 261 2 mins 261

The purity of your soul 

The charming innocent face

"They" suffered from a complex

Fear of losing the race.

You left the world too early

Wish I could reach out to you 

To find out what had happened 

Who all were there with you.

Can you not step down 

From the heavens above 

To point out at the Mf's

Hiding here between us.

You've left behind 

Fond memories 

As also bleeding hearts

Craving for your come back 

Rewinding to a fresh start. 

Controlling my emotions 

As I have always done 

Be it any adversary 

Or losing someone.

Cannot endure this sorrow

The tragic loss, that's you 

The hurt, the grudge 

The steaming anger

Inside me it does brew.

Fighting hard, I assure you, 

We will carry on 

Wading through the cover-ups

We will emerge strong.

All you culprits out there

Take this opportunity to clean 

Your dark and brutish conscience 

Karma can get mean.

We hurt, we fret

We cuss and we curse

The system and the works

Justice still absconding 

The situation just gets worse.

God, if you do exist

Please be there with us

Help the truth now emerge 

Lest you lose our trust.

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