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Can I Be Your O2?

Can I Be Your O2?

2 mins 236 2 mins 236

I sharpened my pencil to write this poem

The lead broke and went rolling across the paper

That beautiful mole of yours on your left cheek -

Can that go rolling too… rolling away far from you? 

Because how is it that your mole gets to kiss you all day and I don’t?

Your rolling mole reminds me of the universe

Galaxies, stars, and planets.. Rotations and revolutions..

Does the sun have to rise every morning?

Does it have to kiss you 'good morning'

When I have done that hundred times already?

I maintain peace with its routine for a simple reason -

My favourite part of every day - Waking up before you, to see you try to wake up

Chuck your bindi. Chuck your mascara

That unruly hair, those un-opening eyes, and that uncontrollable yawn

You are a princess all the way from the bed to the bathroom

We should plan all our photoshoots then and there

But wait! To hell with your mobile phone and its camera

Why does it get to store more memories of you than me? 

Yesterday, during my walk, I came across a flock of birds

All pigeons but for a solitary dove

Like that single strand of grey hair on your head

Remember that day I discovered it and you broke down?

I try imagining you old and wrinkled

The affection does not diminish a bit

Reminds me of the stagnating water in our kitchen sink..

To hell with all the utensils when you wash them

Why do you hold them so dearly?

To hell with the coffee mug as well 

The warmest kiss on your lips should be mine 

Can I gift you a packet of straws instead? But wait!

To hell with the straws too. And your toothbrush. And your lipstick. 

I have sharpened my pencil again

The pencil shavings show me an exciting version of your eyelids

Can I reroute the path to my office between your eyelashes and your eyebrows?

I have a confession - I threw away your previous pair of glasses

You did not lose them at the restaurant

But your glasses deserved it - spending more time with you than I do..

Kindly hideaway your new contact lenses

And your comb and your wristwatch and your sandals, especially your favourite pillow

I have already contacted a buyer to dispose of all our furniture

I now need to worry about only one problem -

How do I turn a part of myself into your oxygen? 

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