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Anne Benita



Anne Benita




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Lovely creature of all creatures

The woman is the loveliest;

She is the butterfly with colored wings

Flying everywhere in search of honey.

Flying around like a butterfly

Purveyed glee all around her.

Beaten the dreariness in her

Enriched the cheer all corners.

Probing for honey, she is searching for her happiness,

Her happiness is her own family,

But, esteemed as the immaterial of the family,

Her heart weeps inside her.

Stands as the turning point in many lives

As a butterfly colors their life.

Rebelling inside her raises as a butterfly

To be a butterfly in other's life.

'She' is a butterfly, dropping rain in family,

Encounters famine in the hearts,

Fertile the family by throwing her heart

'She' is the real butterfly of all lives.

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