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Broken Spell

Broken Spell

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I love the thought of you,

Oh my dazzling Porcupine

Your scent that won me over-

The scent of apples and wine.

On the night we met,

The night sky exploded,

You and I collided,

And the rest subsided.

For I was never meant to be-

Where you thought I should be.

How could I stay,

When I am from far away?

Will you forget,

The night we met?

Am I a fallen leaf,

Blown by the wind?

If the night sky was mine,

And yours to keep,

Will daylight come,

And cast a spell so deep?

I lost what was mine,

And you lost what was yours.

What was ours was thieved-

By the daylight 

But as soon as the night falls9

What was ours will be ours?

And the night will again explode.

When it comes, don't let it subside.

Hold on to the sparks as they fly,

Let it fly, let it fly high.

And freeze the moment.

Before they fall and drift us once again.

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