Becoming Or Unbecoming!

Becoming Or Unbecoming!

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To reach the zenith of wisdom

To live a life to eternity,

To spread the wings and fly the sky of tribulations,

To dive into the ocean of life to gather all wealth,

To win the world and rule with an iron hand,

To ascend and never fall,

And many more is what folks wish to become!

Nevertheless life around throws sparing smiles

The water that rains goes back to cloud

To pour down back to the ground!

Winning heights need to bend

To serve the populace behind!

Uphill is in no way all the time triumph

Strolling back to the roots is!

The Moon that shines, also wanes

The Sun that rises, falls down at set to rise again!

To heal the world of misery

To brighten the world in full glory!

For all time mount is not necessary

Earning the way to feat

Are not at all epochs vital!

Becoming what you want to, wish and dream about,

An ideal life does it demand?

In Becoming lies not the magic, nevertheless learn to unlearn,

Life Journey maybe is not becoming anything,

It’s Unbecoming everything that isn’t really YOU!

To be the one who you were meant to be!

Revealing the true self …Is the miracle profound!

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