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Autobiography Of Three Dots

Autobiography Of Three Dots

1 min 431 1 min 431

Fingers start tapping...

On the virtual letter board - tik-tik-tik 

It’s not the clock ticking - 

It’s just the fingers clicking...

You type and type and keep on typing 

Yet I am the only one to be appeared...

I am aware: 

 I am just a recess

Between your chats...

I usually buy time: 

To refine your thoughts,

To suppress your immediate reactions,

To hide your real emotions, 

To fix all your errors...

I make you shake your head,

And raise your eyebrows;

I keep you restless and curious...

I am the most conversed language

Among most of the soulmates...

When the worldly needs and deeds

Sadly break them up forever...

Many a time, I hold them together!

When every lettered word fakes it up,

I am the one always holds the truth...

I know everything but never reveal a word;

I am the best confidant of everyone of you...

Also I swallow many beautiful verses

And many more horrible curses...

Though I am vulnerable with numerous crosses

That strike off genuine utterances,

I am rustic and real...

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