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Vishabh Gola



Vishabh Gola


At The End Of Journey?

At The End Of Journey?

1 min

Sometimes night carries me

To the wagon of the same train

Whereas usual life's journey starts again

Having some of my best companions

And some are a perfectionist

A bit unfamiliar to be an excursionist

Moon watches over me

Sometimes gives me a sign of cheers

And sometimes signs of fierce

Blessing of its vivid white light

And the curse of the inauspicious dark cloudy night

Crossing through many stations

Changing tracks with deliberation

Some companions leftover accidentally

Not to chase them, decided evidently

Depressing, moving on without them

So who'll reach to the destination then?

Some beautiful scenery through the window

And the disasters also 

Definitely there even though,

Talkative night talks about the best past,

Hallucinating ecstasies the worst part

Uncertainty all-around maybe ahead

Bravely moving without being afraid

Who knows what will be next?

Shall I survive or remain in rest?

Shall I meet the sunshine waiting for me?

Or will it be over before I see?

Just moving bravely ahead without any fear

Forbidden the thoughts of 

Even it be cruel or show mercy!

It is life, who knows?

What will happen at the end of the journey?

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