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Bhawna Shandilya



Bhawna Shandilya


Armed With Saffron

Armed With Saffron

1 min

Resting in the lap of the gigantic mountain, clinging to one of its bush

Perplexed, I wondered, what brings me here

For; it did not belong to me.

Slowly, the glaring sun rays,

Dispelling the darkness, Clothed the enormous sky

Enveloped the colossal mountain, with its saffron-coloured light

As pious as fire, sacrificing its light …

Embracing everything to give us strength, illuminating hope and courage for life.

Elated was I, for its saffron colour belonged to me.

A sudden gust of wind takes me to a distant land of sand

A deep melodious composition, echoing all around

Their beloved Kesariya, The gallant warriors

Were being called, back to their hometown.

Kesariya, vibrating eternal courage and strength to all

The saffron of our flag, # I for India, unfurls its endless scores

The heroic sacrifice of its gallant warriors, who always held the tricolour soaring high with a roar.

I spread my petals, to revere and salute

 I feel acquainted, can’t fathom my pride

Signifying pillar of strength, the epitome of courage

 I am the saffron and feel proud of being recognised as “Saffron Marigold”.

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