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Abstract Romance Others



Abstract Romance Others

An Untold Story

An Untold Story

2 mins 356 2 mins 356

At a windy night

Alone laying on my bed

To pass the sleepless night.

And remembering yesterday's happenings.

Yesterday at the dinner

Mother told me that

They had selected a girl for me

To get married.

Father also gave his consent. 

Obviously, I'm over thirty years old.

I've been indifferent to marriage

For a long time. 

Now it has become my parents' responsibility

To get their son married to a decent girl.

Father was eating his food quietly,

He never speaks a word while eating. 

But my mother is just the opposite.

All the world's incidents she speaks over table

While serving our food.

Dinner is the time when she gets two of us together.

From whose son getting a highly salaried job

To which neighbour's daughter getting a big fat wedding

To India's current situation.

All the things she discusses over dinner table.

Every time I nod with her,

Except yesterday.

My maternal uncle is the matchmaker.

He has got a splendid 'rishta' for me—

His colleague's daughter.

With many offers from the daughter's father.

It's not the first time they are talking about my marriage. 

For the last two years they have been trying.

As I'm established and have a reputed family 

Anyone will give their daughter to me happily.

Mother asked me before whether I had a girlfriend.

But after knowing none, she became content.

She cherished the wish that she would find

A suitable girl of her choice.

I remained silent at that time. 

I rejected them just saying I didn't want to marry then.

All became curious.

They thought I would be a saint and go to the Himalayas.

Now all have become restless.

But no one can even think that I too have a story,

An unheard story.

I too have a heart, a soft feeling for my beloved.

Is it necessary for a man to love and marry only a woman?

Actually this thought can never come in anyone's mind.

Not even in my parents'.

Suresh— his name.

I've been in love with this guy for more than five years.

I've gathered courage,

I'm ready to tell them everything.

I'll let everyone know my unheard story

When the sun will rise, morning will come.

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