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Bharath Kumar

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Bharath Kumar

Classics Inspirational Others

Am I Enlightened?

Am I Enlightened?

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Painful tears spilling out of eyes speaks volumes on life truth

Beautiful memories generated by mind never want to fall prey to others wrath

When your heart emotionally connects with the surrounding, it invites goosebumps

As long as the heart and mind connect, heartbeat pumps

When you feel you are the biggest loser in the world 

Your mind pushes you to a helpless pathetic world

When you are up against a force called a challenge

Deal it with an equal force called courage

When dark days try to eat your life like a monster

Ignite your light days over it very faster

Physical ailments can wither your body

But the mind power can strengthen your body

Losing our loved ones can break our heart

We also need to learn how to mend our broken heart

As long as we are rich, we are well respected

The moment you are bankrupt, you will be humiliated

We are made up of feelings and emotions

Every event in life will have an effect on our mind condition

Anger and frustration can destroy our happiness

Going in the path of misery and hatred should not be our business

The collision of giant clouds bring rain

The collision of depressed thoughts bring pain

Do not seek happiness around

Happiness resides in your mind

Wear a smile on your face even if you are suffering

It is the only medicine for all your sufferings

In life, we come across people whom we adore

The way they lead their lives teaches us more

Life is a beautiful journey bestowed upon us

Living it to the fullest is up to us.

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