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Kavita Agarwal



Kavita Agarwal




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In this busy life

No time see family smile

Global pandemic arises within

Lockdown seems peels in a bin

Addressed to be at home

Which is not followed by some.

Isolation once felt like a gift

Now feels like a rift

A ray of hope can we see

Family is precious feels like to me

Staying within feels secure

Though time is like a mediocre.

I can hear birds chirping

I can see everyone surfing

Blooming of flowers in the garden

Clean sky with no carbon

Away are those from family

Catastrophe, still face seems to be smiley.

Tears roll down stuck in the dimple

You find a solution for your pimple

Nature seems to take its revenge

Clear the heart with negative dredge

Feel blessed to be alive

With your beloved wife

Spend time with your loved roller,

Grasp the opportunity deprived by doctor and soldier!

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