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Alma Infeliz

Alma Infeliz

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Father,  I was a small bud when I came into your life. 

You nurtured me, gave me your unconditional love and attention.

You saw me blossom into a beautiful flower.

You provided me shade from the scorching sun. 

You tended my withering leaves. 

In the rain you saw me smiling.

You removed the weeds surrounding me.

Love was pouring from your heart.

Then what happened Father? 

Why did you pluck me cruelly from your paradise?

Where did the love disappear?

Didn't you feel sad when you heard my cries when I was being trampled?

When the bee came to suck my nectar,
Were you so furious so as to kill me...

Didn't you trust me that I would never betray your love...

Now that am gone why are you weeping Father,

I cannot come there to console you
I have forgiven you Father
Please smile again

My happiness lies in you..

Let me  rest in peace with assurance that you will be alright...

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