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Dr. Riya Patel

Children Stories Inspirational


Dr. Riya Patel

Children Stories Inspirational



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Walking through the college corridor,

I smile…

Finally the wait is over, the distance is short

But seems like a mile…..

Today is the day, I shall finally

Make her mine……

The final year results shall be declared,

In moments few…

But before officially being declared as,

Doctor new…

I shall make a beginning,

That is pure as dew….

Wished to say this since

Years four…

But was quiet and just

Adored her more….

As I thought any relationship in academics,

Would stress her for sure…

But today soon its all going to,

Get over…

And I shall make her

Mine forever…

And here I reach the canteen door,

Smiling more than ever…

As I lift my gaze,

Tears blur my vision….

Stands there she, with my best friend,

Happy as his prized possession…

Seeing the ring he put on her finger,

I turn around in awkward fashion…

With a heart heavy, as I walk back,

People stand out in crowds and queues…

With curiosity I quiver through them, to find,

University has broken the news….

I walk ahead to see fate’s store for me,

Cause accept it I have none to accuse…

Don’t know whether it’s a,

Shock or surprise…

Finally my hard work has,

Fetched this prize…

I have topped again and feel that,

It’s a blessing in disguise…!

Now all are proud of me,

My parents, family and friends…

All congratulate me and I feel,

Like a celebrity brand….

I have no regrets for my loss,

As my achievement was always cherished more…!

Lesson of life learnt on,

My biggest day…

In your journey, it’s your achievements,

That stay through the way…

Everyone leaves sooner or later,

As you reach the bay…!

Always first prioritize your achievements,

Your goals, your career…

It shall never ditch you half way,

And say I love you no more…

Attached to your name, it shall stay,

Until and after you reach your shore…!!

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