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Dr. Riya Patel

Action Drama


Dr. Riya Patel

Action Drama



1 min 179 1 min 179

There was a king of a beautiful kingdom,

His prince and princess were full of wisdom.

Their life was a tale of heaven,

Valour, glory and laughter they were all given.

Childhood returned to its abode and youth came,

Both children had qualities to bring pride and fame.

The old king was proud of them in every way,

When the unexpected incident took his life away.

Princess and prince were both ambitious,

Both had desire to be the heir and get famous.

None was ready to divide,

Both were ready to crush the other far and wide.

The greed for power claimed countless lives,

The beautiful kingdom was divided to two blood shed halves.

Yet none was ready to surrender,

The race to power increased their hunger.

Never would have been an empire so naïve,

Yet witnessed the formation of its own grave.

None won; both lay dead and defeated,

Themselves making way for third to have the throne illuminated

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