Jaiprakash Agrawal

Abstract Drama


Jaiprakash Agrawal

Abstract Drama

After Death

After Death

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I laid to rest forever below the ground  

By my well-wishers

They bid farewell to me with tearful eyes

I saw my body lying still 

I felt sad for my mourners 

Once they both loved and hated me 

They cursed me for going to hell

I don't know where will I go 

I have no idea of hell or heaven 

But I am now free and relaxed 

With neither love nor malice towards anyone 

I am floating in the air like kites 

I am free of any impurities 

I longed for freedom whole life 

And got it at the end of life 

If birth was slavery, death was freedom 

I could feel it and rejoice 

But death was cruel as I lived 

Now life afterlife is beautiful. 

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