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Adapting To Heal

Adapting To Heal

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 We in the middle of this world,

Lying down in pain.

The suffering of what,

Don't know!

But our heartbeats

The same cry in agony.

And everyone who is happy,

Killing us,

Killing us from inside,

Yet we managed to smile,

Just for the sake of this world.

Where these people will

Backlash you for your misery.

Every time,

We start to grow,

That wild storm made of fear,

Bend us down,

Towards the earth.

Where we die every day, every time,

Every minute, every second,

Just to be alive

For the sake of those people,

Who really wants us to smile.

The people who know,

That our skin is not the same,

They have lost their charm

Over the passing time,

Pale and chapped,

Like those in winters.

And their love,

Like that fireplace,

Keeps our sparks alive,

Makes our fear vaporize.

They are those maple tree leaves,

Which falls down on road,

Just to save your feet,

From the spines 

That anxiety had spread long ago,

Maybe it litters the ground,

But deep inside you feel pretty when

You lay down your feet.

Maybe some people make you feel, 


But there are some people,

Who will make you believe,

That it's okay to be broken,

Like those abstract paintings.

That gives us a new beginning,

A new meaning.

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