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Brita Roy

Abstract Others


Brita Roy

Abstract Others

A Sunbeam

A Sunbeam

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        The elusiveness of a sprightly Sunbeam is so tantalizing,

 Its furtiveness is like that of a deer, with dignity of a king;

A shimmer here, and a glimmer there, lo and behold!

The meadow is bathed in the richness of smelted gold.

Skipping over rooftops, and skimming over verdant trees,

Dancing so blithely, with the rhythm of humming bees;

A ballet so graceful-whilst the birds engrossed--look on;

 They fall into a solemn silence, when suddenly she is gone.

The little glassy pools, dyed in the fluid, molten golden ray,

 Shudder into stillness, of gloomy, dejected, dismay.

The crickets start chirping in monotonous consoling note,

Whilst a deathly quiet creeps out, from every dark mote,

The little dancing Sunbeam from beyond a world unknown,

 Sends her farewell message, perhaps to grieve and mourn.

Her love all encompassing, all embracing, spanning the universe,

Her warmth, and rich radiance, graciously she will disperse.

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