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Geeta Gahlot



Geeta Gahlot




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Words are not enough to express 

They are often misleading or vague

Words are often not understood 

Everyone interprets them with own perception 

Words have their own character 

But rely on the mindset of the listener. 

In this world of fake personalities,

Words are always short of explanations. 

Freedom of speech makes us free to speak 

But before we speak we must weigh the words 

Pre conceptions and personal judgements 

Force the words to lose their importance. 

The one at fault has no words to apologize 

The one with high ego has no words to express his feelings, 

The one with knowledge has no words to argue,

And the one with compassion has no words to hurt the feelings. 

This is all the game of words, 

The wars are won or lost, 

The hearts are loved or hurt, 

Words when used wisely, 

Make this life more lively. 

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