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Kaartika Chitturi



Kaartika Chitturi


A Heart Without Love

A Heart Without Love

1 min

Numb and cold is all I felt, the echoing silence is all I heard

No mysteries or surprises, no happiness or sorrow

The sun rises everyday breaking the dark clouds apart

But the doors to my heart remain shut and hollow

The waves of the sea glisten under the moonlit sky

But the darkness in me stays, even on the brightest of days

Journeying with the waters and stars, chasing the storms

Drowning in the toxic air and clashing with the lightning

Wandering to an unknown place, no destination to reach

My worth and purpose on this land is yet to be revealed

Growing up without a parent’s love, to guide me through life

No siblings or friends to share my inner feelings with

My non-existent family, I couldn’t give or receive love from

No one I could talk to and feel a spark of warmth inside of me

I’m surrounded by people that criticize me but never caring

I hear their voices speak; disgust dripping like venom

Inhumane, they say, she’s cold and heartless, isolated

And how can I blame them? When I know it’s the truth

My heart beats lifelessly, incapable of loving someone

After all I have a heart with no love, is there anything I can do?

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