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Mohammed Junaid Khan

A businessman from India's financial capital with a heart of a poet. Author of DIARY OF A FATHER which is published on Amazon and Kindle.

  Literary Colonel

My Family Is At War


The poem shows that it is not only soldiers alone, their families are also at war.

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Lays My Body


Wired, tired, lonely, depressed, When I am high, my life is all messed,

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No, Those Aren't My Kids

Drama Tragedy

Bombs explode, buildings turn into rubble, Well to me, it's not at all a trouble,

1    239 20

The Jeweler


The last footage of the homeless man got him in tears, When he's seen fighting with fo

2    156 22

The Thief

Drama Tragedy

The brave police, from the CCTV footage, were able to identify her, Without wasting much time, th...

2    279 29

Save This Planet

Drama Inspirational

This earth is our only home, Why we are turning it into nature's tomb?

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Call For Revolution

Children Stories Drama

I feel shy when I wake up every day, I really feel ashamed, why we all are this way,

2    131 13

My Most Precious Gift From God

Children Stories Drama

It's every father's dream to be known by his son's name, And I pray for you great health, abundan...

1    320 31

My Brand New Pair Of Shoes

Children Stories Drama

I am a ten year old orphan, For me, life is no fun,

2    156 34

My Most Precious Gift From God


That was surely a halo, Cos we were blessed with an angel, I know...

1    46 2

Angel Of Death

Abstract Drama

He is the witness of all your sins, For you, The Angel of Death is waiting.

1    287 41

Nab-Ar Swami-Go


I don't care in the gutter if the country goes, Let me hear you say INDIA WANTS TO KNOW...

1    186 26

The Torn Soul

Tragedy Drama

Without a doubt, I am not living, Dwarfed with weight of shame this world's giving,

1    199 13

When Tears Cry

Others Drama

I know their stories cos they never ever left me, I am always in their eyes, they hide me so deft...

1    190 24

Tribute To Dr. Narang


But be aware, oh you people, next can be your turn, This culture of mob lynching which has thrived....

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