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Mohammed Junaid Khan

A businessman from India's financial capital with a heart of a poet. Author of DIARY OF A FATHER which is published on Amazon and Kindle.

  Literary Colonel

Fire - A Political Satire

Drama Fantasy Others

There was this land where humans and animals were living in peace, Everything flourished, the for...

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My Family Is At War


The poem shows that it is not only soldiers alone, their families are also at war.

2    26 1

Lays My Body


Wired, tired, lonely, depressed, When I am high, my life is all messed,

1    22 1

No, Those Aren't My Kids

Drama Tragedy

Bombs explode, buildings turn into rubble, Well to me, it's not at all a trouble,

1    239 20

The Jeweler


The last footage of the homeless man got him in tears, When he's seen fighting with fo

2    176 23

The Thief

Drama Tragedy

The brave police, from the CCTV footage, were able to identify her, Without wasting much time, th...

2    300 30

Save This Planet

Drama Inspirational

This earth is our only home, Why we are turning it into nature's tomb?

1    73 3

Call For Revolution

Children Stories Drama

I feel shy when I wake up every day, I really feel ashamed, why we all are this way,

2    132 13

My Most Precious Gift From God

Children Stories Drama

It's every father's dream to be known by his son's name, And I pray for you great health, abundan...

1    321 31

My Brand New Pair Of Shoes

Children Stories Drama

I am a ten year old orphan, For me, life is no fun,

2    157 34

My Most Precious Gift From God


That was surely a halo, Cos we were blessed with an angel, I know...

1    47 2

Angel Of Death

Abstract Drama

He is the witness of all your sins, For you, The Angel of Death is waiting.

1    288 41

Nab-Ar Swami-Go


I don't care in the gutter if the country goes, Let me hear you say INDIA WANTS TO KNOW...

1    188 26

The Torn Soul

Tragedy Drama

Without a doubt, I am not living, Dwarfed with weight of shame this world's giving,

1    199 13

When Tears Cry

Others Drama

I know their stories cos they never ever left me, I am always in their eyes, they hide me so deft...

1    191 24

Tribute To Dr. Narang


But be aware, oh you people, next can be your turn, This culture of mob lynching which has thrived....

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