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Kakoli Mandal

I can be a better "Peacock ", but it's a "Sparrow " I choose to be! Living life on my own terms, try to keep up to the self expectations I have from myself rather than trying to keep up with what Society expects me to be...a true Bohemian at heart..ever enthusiastic to learn from whatever or whoever I come across...be it humans, a new place, a new culture, books, even lil babies! Life is too short to explore the huge Universe!! A constant learner, reader....love writing diaries to a great extent...a music and movie buff...someone who prefers soft soothing melodies to death metal..leaving no genre as unexplored!! I love interracting with new people..human psychology fascinates me like anything. Ever ambitious...trying to reach the zenith of my desires..knowing well that someday I might land up myself in the Nadir....fiercely hopelessly hopeful to achieve my dreams someday!!!! read more

  Literary Colonel

The Unsuitable Boyfriend

Drama Romance Tragedy

Delighted by this promise of a dream gift, I did nothing but studied day in and day out to ensure I ...

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The Voyage To The Unknown


Destiny is vicious you see....it takes you near fire and just when you are about to jump on it, some...

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The Voyage To The Unknown

Drama Others

Destiny is vicious you see, it takes you near fire and just when you are about to jump on it...

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