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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Kakoli Mandal

Drama Romance Tragedy


Kakoli Mandal

Drama Romance Tragedy

The Unsuitable Boyfriend

The Unsuitable Boyfriend

5 mins

It so happened when the social media was newly an object of distraction for us, the adolescents. Probably the very beginning of the 20th century.Being a studious child,my parents always had this expectation that their meritorious daughter ought to pass out every exam with flying colours.

And to increase my enthusiasm to keep my constant track record of of always holding a position in class,I was promised to be gifted a personal computer as a gift!! Now that was a lavish gift for a middle class family indeed! Those were the days of computers..the laptop didn't dominate the market at that point of time.

Delighted by this promise of a dream gift, I did nothing but studied day in and day out to ensure I do very well in the college Graduation exams. And yes,I marvellously excelled and the result made my parents happy too.

And now the promise was to be kept..a computer as a gift to me!!

Few days passed..and the most dreamt of gift finally arrived at my home!! You can well imagine how happy I was after receiving the gift!!

Two days later, suggested by one of my friends from school,I curiously joined the online Chat room with an alibi name of course!!

I met lots of guys and girls online..and my virtual friendships with these unknown people from different states, even countries ,continued. Being an utter introvert in real life, I was myself amazed to find myself so chirpy and bubbly in the virtual world!!

Few days passed..the chats continued full on day in day out..and my virtual friend circle increased by leaps and bounds.I was now isolated from reality and completely fascinated with my virtual world!! It so happened one day a guy from Pakistan pinged me when I was logged in the chat room. There was something unusual in this guy that made me respond to him though I neglected in the beginning. This guy was doing his BTech from a certain Pakistani college. I am a Hindu from a staunch conservative family, but the way he conversed with me every time made me trust this guy with every passing day.

Two months crossed. We finally gathered ample courage to exchange our numbers.He had some relatives in Delhi whom he was supposed to come and meet next month.

I don't really know what prompted me to share my postal address with this guy once he asked for it..I couldn't deny him. However, the funniest part was, none of us saw each other till now..no exchanging of photos...nothing!!

My heart throbbed like hammering..did I do anything wrong?? What if this Muslim guy actually come up to visit me in my home? How on earth will I introduce him before my parents?? I had a sleepless night that day.

After this, the guy stopped chatting online altogether. I texted him curious to know if he was fine and when is he coming to India?

No response. Days passed, then a month. I kept wondering is this guy avoiding me consciously??

Then one fine weekend Saturday the postman came to deliver a letter at my home..it was addressed to me!!

I hurriedly opened the bright glossy red huge envelope to discover a huge Archies card that perfectly had something meaningful written about friendship. Inside it, a letter popped up too which read somewhat like this:

"Dear friend, I am sorry I could not keep in touch with a precious friend like you. Not that I was busy, but I have been diagnosed with brain tumor. The doctors said probably I have few more months to live, as because chances are too negligible to survive even if I am operated. I wish you all the happiness in life and pray to Allah he keeps you safe and sound. Allah bless you!"

The letter ended. The postal address from where I got the letter was one of his friends with whom he stayed in a PG. I was numb for a moment!!

Later that evening I called him up and he just like his usual vivacious self received my call and said he missed me. With subdued tears and a choking voice, I chided him like anything for not letting me about his disease for so long!!He laughed off!!

On the next fortnight I made up my mind to write him back a letter...I realised I started loving this guy way too much and decided to convey my feelings for him come what may!!

I wrote every detailed feelings of mine that I nurtured for him and sent a photo of mine along with the letter so that he will at least see me in a photo for the very first time!!

I posted the letter through courier the very next day ensuring my letter reached him as early as possible!!!

Days, weeks and finally a month passed..no contacts!!

I was eagerly waiting for a call or a letter from him!!!

And finally on the 42nd day after I posted the letter to him, a letter came to my home!

It was addressed to me!!

My heart skipped a bit before I opened it!!

It read,

"Dear Dona,

Our friend is no more. He was operated two days back, there was profuse bleeding, and unfortunately the doctor couldn't save him!

May his soul rest in peace!!"

My hands trembled, so did my eyes won't just stop shedding silent tears!!!

He was my first love,whom I couldn't even had the chance to say I loved him!! The "unsuitable " guy made the worst boyfriend who never had the chance to even meet his girlfriend ,playing hide and seek with the Game of Death!!!!

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