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Vivek Verma

Student of Banaras Hindu University.

  Literary Colonel

Lost Love


And I can't really help, But say that it's love lost again.

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Ballad Of The Caged

Children Stories Drama Tragedy

But they were telling me they are caged, They give delight but they only have despair, And we ...

1    246 51

Innocent Me!

Children Stories Drama

Oh my, Ambitious! Is this world made by you? I want to listen to the stories of my granny, ...

1    138 51

Let Me live


I write a Poetry of her, I when first met her She tried to show happiness Still, her happin...

1    184 61

Shadow Always With Me

Abstract Children Stories

Shadow(Father) Always With Me

1    170 62

After Death


Some say we will get Salvation, Some say our Spirit will do rotation.

1    111 51

Tears Of Nature


Some say Earth is made by God, Some say by Big - Bang. It's difficult to say, But, we had m...

1    442 83

Journey Of My Life

Inspirational Others

I was looking as far as possible, To determine which is easier to travel.

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Children Are Going To Work


Please! Stop this child labour. Otherwise we will Cry forever.

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Inspirational Others

Always live your life, before life leaves you; Reach your goal, before it kicks you.

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Salute To The Indian Soldiers

Abstract Drama

They fight in Battle without any fear, There is no security of future year. Who don't know the dif...

1    3.0K 56

Qualification Of An Illiterate


Suddenly, a little chunk of jalebi fell on the road, After, seeing jalebi a little smile arose on h...

2    2.3K 51

Her Resonance Or My Certitude?


Even though my confidence was in darkness. Yet, she was reason of my happiness. Even she wasn't in...

1    1.4K 50

A World Without Women


Can you imagine? A world without women. No one to reassure your fears. No one to wipe your tears.

1    2.8K 82

Is A Woman Sinner?


I don't know about the world of God!

1    6.7K 85

Respect Women!


Respect her, She is a woman. Respect her status, She is not less than a man.

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Friendship Of Her?


Who is she? I can not identify! Tell me why?

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स्कूल बैग का भार


सच में कभी-कभी तो कंधे तक छील जाते हैं, होता कभी दर्द इतना ये नन्हे सह नहीं पाते हैं। बिल्कुल हिम्...

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