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Kishan And An Ant
Kishan And An Ant

© Logesh Kanakaraj


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Kishan, merely 8-year-old child, lived in a village. Unlike other children kishan would not go to playground after returning from school rather he would go to a room in his home where old unused articles were kept because there only he can play with his friends. With tea and snacks he'd rush to that room to offer to those ants which lived in that room. Whenever he offers snacks a queen ant'd come out and dance happily as a sign of thanking him. Every Sunday holidays and summer holidays would be in that room for kishan. He'd never forget to offer snacks to those ants. Even when he goes out for long trip he'd keep lot of snacks near the burrow and then only he'd go. He'd always tell to his schoolmates about these ants everyday. Kishan even named many ants as ram, kishore liked that and they'd correctly recognise them. One day he was usually offering snacks for his friends when a arrived with lot of sand and gravels. He went to his pa and asked about that. His pa replied that new house is going to be built with two storeys and full tiles and marbles. After some silence kishan asked his pa "Papa leave that room and build the house." His pa replied "No kishan everything is going to be destroyed and new house will be made." At that moment itself his eyes were filled with tears. With tears flowing in his eyes he went to his mom and cried to leave that room. His mom asked "Why kishan... why that room?" Kishan replied "...maa my friend ants were living in that room happily... we have many rooms but they have only one room ma... leave that please ma" with tears flowing in his eyes." Kishan...you naughty ..those ants'd go somewhere ...this is our house" his mother replied. "Mom when we came here first there were only sands and gravels in that ground with lot of ants living here ..then we built our home here..those ants which lived had no place for them and they took this room..but now where they'd go..it is actually their home..we took that without their permission " kishan told raising his voice. His mom laughed at kishan and went to kitchen without any reply. Kishan went to his bedroom that afternoon and slept. He wake up in the evening took some snacks and went to play with his friends. He was shocked, that room was not there only stones and sands he found there. He dropped his snacks, went to bed and cried silently. With tears flowing he stood at his bedroom window for more than one hour.Suddenly he screamed ram, kishore, sherly on seeing the three ants entering into his room through that window...

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