Full Stop

Full Stop

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In the exam hall, with the silence of stress and pressure, and the whispers of the scribbling pens, screaming out all that they have absorbed the entire year. It was my last exam, the last 10 minutes. As I write my last question spilling all my knowledge on a piece of paper, I felt overwhelmed by the fact that all my efforts have come to good use and now I can focus on me instead of my attention seeking text books.

I felt free and liberated, but not quite. As I reach the last sentence, the last word, the last letter, before I put that full stop that ends my paper, I paused for a moment.

I paused, realizing, it's the last time I will ever write a school exam. It is the last time I will hear that bell ring and the last time, we all will hurriedly discuss the answers of the questions.

Before I put that little dot on my paper, that not only ends the sentence, but also, puts a stop to the past 14 years of my life, I pause for a moment and look back. Before I put that dot, I remember the beautiful memories with my best friends, the feeling of the first hug, the moments of group studying that made me feel more confident.

They say, before one is welcomed by the angels of heaven, he is shown a small 7 minute rewind of the key moments of his life that made it worthwhile. I'd like to believe I know how that feels. Before that full stop, I saw flashes, of various key moments of school. The first day with the first cries, the first meetings with ones I didn't know would mean the world to me soon enough, the first fights, the first loves, the first heart break, and the healing process with the beautiful people in my life. It all flashed like a short film just whizzing past me, every little moment felt a whole lot bigger and made my heart so much more fuller with love and friendship.

All of these memories overwhelmed my heart and could only be expressed perfectly with a tiny tear crawling out of my eyes accompanied by a smile on my lips giving the perfect ending. I reflected, I remembered, I cherished and I know there will always be a special place in my heart for those beautiful people who brought the beautiful memories along with them.

It's the last 10 seconds on the clock, I take a deep breath and make that little blue dot on the life I have had.

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