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Wish You Weren't Here

Wish You Weren't Here

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I wake up, give you a good morning kiss and get ready to start the day. I drink my warm cup of coffee with the taste of your lips still pressed against my lips.

As I get ready to go out, I'm flustered by the way you pull me towards you as I'm dressing. We dance to the melodies of the children getting ready for school, and the sounds of morning traffic in all its glory. When we're having our moment, everything around us just seems beautiful.

As I go to work, you give me a kiss goodbye, whose impression will last for the rest of the day.

At noon, you surprise me with lunch at my office with a cute love letter to put a smile on my face on a hectic Monday morning.

As I go to bed, we talk for hours about how our days went, the beauty of stars and beaches and much more.

As I drift off to sleep, you are on my mind, but not next to me.

As I realise this, I wake up, and wish you weren't here all along.

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