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The Frankenstein Part 7
The Frankenstein Part 7

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Chapter Seven

I felt as if my soul were in hell. I wanted to kill the monster I had created.

When I thought of him, my mind was full of hatred and revenge. I wished to

see him again so that I could avenge the deaths of William and Justine.

My father became ill with sadness and grief. Elizabeth grew pale and thin.

I felt horribly guilty. My only comfort was to escape to the mountains and

forget my sorrows for a few days. The mountains and rivers were made by

God. In the magnificent Alpine valleys, I felt His power and was afraid of

nothing else.

On one of these journeys, in August, nearly two years after the death of

Justine, I entered the valley of Chamonix. Rivers of ice came down from the

mountains. The great white dome of Mont Blanc stood above me. I

decided to climb Montanvert. I remembered the view from the top of the

mountain. That sublime landscape alone could tranquillize my soul.

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