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Journey For The Treasure
Journey For The Treasure

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Once at New York city, in a far away land were two ship captains. One was Captain James and the other was Captain Leonardo. James was generous, helpful, dedicated, well disciplined and firm, he was a very good person whereas Leonardo was very cunning, foxy, cheater, dishonest person. The only similarity in between them was that both were hard working. Once captain James and captain Leonardo found a map of 'Island Of Wifa ' which had treasure in one of its mountain's top. The treasure was almost worth RS - 99,99,99,999.

Captain James first called up Melissa his assistant leader, she was the one who used to handle the whole of the crew of the ship,she was soft, kind and a hard working person, James told Melissa that " call the crew and line up for going to the Island Of Wifa ". Now the same thing was done by captain Leonardo by his assistant Drake, Drake was a cunning and a foxy person. Captain James knew that if Leonardo had got the treasure he would misuse so he told Melissa "we will have to reach up the island before Leonardo. in same scenario Leonardo and Drake meet up over a coffee shop and plan some cunning tricks. They both planned some thing like; they would carry weapons other than those available on the ship. etc so they could remove James and its crew from their way.

Finally, two days after captain James with his crew starts up for their tour early in the morning. The same day Captain Leonardo with its crew starts by the evening . It almost took them 3 days to reach the island, no tricks by neither of them was applied.Both reached the island on the same time, so now competition was at a higher level.

Both of them now had started for the forest and then on the top of mountain linix where the treasure was hidden. the time they started they met with a whole bunch of snakes which had six heads each. with his wisdom captain James passed level by level and reached the mountain top and due to his positive thinking he got the treasure and a reward as the strongest person in the world .

- mahi shukla



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