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The Equilibrium - Part 1
The Equilibrium - Part 1

© Jeremia Premkumar J

Crime Tragedy

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Dev is a middle aged police officer known for his dedication and commitment to work. A man filled with noble deeds and a non-corrupted officer on field. Being handled countless crime interrogations he is the most feared cop in town. Dev and Anu are happily married couple for more than 3 years. Anu is a journalist who met Dev in an interview and the flower of love bloomed in them which turned as marriage. Dev and Anu are a happily living couple who do not have the support of their parents. On records Dev has 22 encounters to his name and plenty beyond book. En route to his peak somewhere in middle of his journey he left a trial seed which followed him so close and is ready to rip him off.

The world is categorized as good and bad; the conflict between these two states is a never ending process. The ultimate battle between good and bad is the sole of the script.

Time, space, relativity are to decide the THE EQUILIBRIUM of nature.


Dev was returning home from work, his phone rang while he was nearing his stay. An officer answered from the other end saying “There is an emergency status near Belmon point,hurry up in 15 dev” the voice was scrambled at the receivers end. Dev knew for sure it wasn’t something normal; he rushed up in his jeep to this place he has never been ’Belmon point’. This was his first time at the spot but he sensed where the crime has taken place due to the massive crowd standing outside a house where the siren lights from the ambulance and police jeeps showed him his way.

Dev got off his jeep and entered the crime spot. The officers at the place of terror looked at Dev with a face of ‘sorrow’. He opened the house door all he saw inside was blood spills, with all his service he imagined the terror which took place and his inner voice described it as ‘brutal’. There were reporters taking photographs of the incident. The furniture in the house was broken as if storm struck ‘em. The corridor of the house lead to a gate which was sealed as ‘crime spot , no trespassing’ . Dev opened the door and saw a woman’s body which was stripped with zero clothe and was lying facing the ground. The back was covered with red blood. He asked the officer nearby to roll over the body. The officer nearby was gentle with the corpse as he rolled it with his bare hands.

Dev’s eyeballs were filled with tears, his hands started shivering, his body temperature suddenly started to freeze. From the bottom of his voice he screamed “Anuuu” the whole street heard his voice. It was his beloved wife who was murdered in a suspicious manner. He removed his shirt and covered her body which was of no heat. He yelled at the officers nearby to get away from her. He kept the face of Anu in his chest sobbing “ Anu,…Anuu” wiping all the blood in the face. Mr.Ravi who also worked as a police is a friend of Dev, he tried to convince Dev that nothing is going to change. Dev heard nothing in his ears; he was constantly kissing Anu and was dreaming whether she would come back to life. He knew that his love of life will never be present to share his feelings; he wouldn’t feel her presence physically. There was nothing else left for him except his 3BHK flat and his dog Scooby. His heart was shattered into pieces. Dev was dead by soul but alive by flesh.

After an hour Dev was standing outside the house of terror for the police procedurals to get completed. His phone rang loud which jerked him off. Dev answered the phone it was a robotic voice which laughed vigorously with vengeance and part of joy, all he heard at the moment was a thunderous “HAHAHAHAHAHA”

To be continued.........

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