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Every day life teaches you a new lesson....

It was in March, last year. My husband and me were returning to Delhi after a teaching session at Mumbai. We both had taken aisle seats. I was requested by one of the passenger for change of seat as he had a small kid and he and his wife were having separate seats so I exchanged my seat with him. My husband was seated in the row behind me.

My new seat was next to a couple in their late fifties. During the flight lots of turbulence was there due to cloudy weather and the swaying of the plane at times felt scary.

The day had been hectic and I was completely exhausted so after sometime I just dozed off. However within a few minutes I woke up startled hearing the screams of the wife of the man sitting next to me. I just looked at him and he seemed to be totally unconscious. His eyes closed...mouth open as if it gad frozen in a yawn.

His wife was constantly shaking him but no response. I was on my feet quickly and first thing I did was to check his pulse ..no pulse felt! He was all wet with sweat. His skin was cold and clammy.

Instantly I started thumping and pumping his chest with full force..after about 5-10 strokes he opened his eyes and looked at his wife saying “what happened “ “what happened"....

In the meanwhile his daughter came too. She was probably sitting somewhere at the back. Flight attendants were there too.My husband had also woken up. Being doctors we usually carry some emergency medication with us. We gave him some relevant pills and finally he looked at ease after sometime. However, still we asked the flight attendants to call ambulance on airport.

Probably excessive turbulence with combination of alcohol intake took its toll on him leading to irregular heart rhythm.

Just wanted to share this experience as it made me realise how fate works. Had I not been seated next to him and reacted instantly, it may have proved fatal. As he was to be saved so all things went accordingly and yes it surely made me feel happy and proud of my profession once again!

A message to all the people who have started blaming doctors whenever he or she fails to save a life...please remember the greatest happiness a doctor feels is when his or her patient revives..... but then a doctor can only give his or her best and cannot cure everything!

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