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The Proposal
The Proposal

© Disha Pandit


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3 A.M and I failed to blink an eye and there was no sign of sleep! Thinking what should I wear?? What will he say?? Will I be able to say a yes? Will words come out of my mouth or will I just be as normal as any other day. Deep was going to propose the next day and she new it, the conversation they had the other night ensured nothing but a proposal! Trying really hard to sleep imagining what would happen the next day she eventually fell asleep.

Deep had asked her to wait outside the chapel. A different choice I thought to myself… a coffee shop or any other place would also be good. As usual I was on time and Deep being him took his own sweet time!

And then, the sight of him made my heartbeat race, it was like I could feel a shiver go down my spine! He looks adorable, dressed in a blue shirt and black pants and not to miss the rose in his hand the moment was about to be real. I nonchalantly waved at him and he returned the same with a big smile and the dimples flashed! Aww! Those dimples as so cute!

I was like, "You're late!". Deep said, "Let's go to the chapel.” Without another word we walked towards the Chapel it was as if everything was still and strangely there was no-one. Deep took the lead and choose the bench to sit one and I followed. The first few minutes were spent in prayer and as soon as I opened my eyes I caught him looking at me and I glared.

Deep asked, "Will you hold my hand?" I didn't say much looked straight into his eyes and held his hand. It was now that I could feel his nervousness the anxiety. And next what I heard changed my life forever! “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, grow old with you, I promise I will always be by your side and will make you smile every single day of our life.. I love you... "

The words echoed in my ears as if my heart stopped beating words barely came out of my mouth. My twinkling eyes and my smile already gave Deep the answer but he waited for me to put to words. Unlike him I didn't express all that I was feeling and said "I love you too …". And as soon as I said that I was like wohooo and back to my chirpy self and I said, "Deep can I now get the rose ? Deep beaming "Oh ! I completely forgot, take it – I love you!!!!”

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