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To My Significant Other...

To My Significant Other...

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Oh, God! He proposed and in no time we will be married. Somehow I never imagined myself being all dressed up as a bride and walking down the aisle, it was always like study, work, travel the world and settle in a beach house! (Even though I was in a relationship, I did imagine life in solitude - I say I'm insane. They don't make my kind anymore)

And now I have a companion to share that beach house with. Strange feeling. It is like I want it but I am scared, I am happy but a little unsure. I know Karan for 6 years now he is no stranger.

It should not be that difficult, will it?

Um…. He knows me very well, but then?

I think I should write to him and pin down exactly how I imagine our life to be!

Dearest Karan,  

At the beach, in a moonlit night, there you were on your knees with the ring in your hand and you said, Naina, “Will you marry me?” Overwhelmed I could just nod my head and in the next moment, I was in your arms. It was dreamy! I love you, K!

I just want to tell you that no matter what happens I will be there standing beside you and I am about to write the most cliched line through thick and thin. And I want to be your equal, nothing more… nothing less. You know how society is and how they perceive women especially married women and their responsibilities, the only thing I would expect out of you is not to be like them (I know you are not but my brain wants me to tell you this in writing). I don’t want to change the world or the society we live in because there is no point you see they won’t get it. Your family should see me in the same light as they see you. My going to the office and spending long hours at work should not bother them. I will certainly ensure I spend quality time with them but when I would be working I would expect the support which my parents gave me. Oh! Listen I am a super bad cook so don’t be cranky over food! (I know when you would be reading you would be like – Cranky = You when you don’t get food and not me) We will Swiggy it, okay? Or perhaps keep a cook and then on some days we can cook together and make a mess of the kitchen! And now let’s talk about chores – I hate the dishes give me any corner to clean I shall, Okay? Umm…. to babies? We will have them if we want to or not have them or perhaps adopt a baby, the decision will be ours and not the worlds (mums and dads, sisters, brothers, friends, and the entire relative jungle! – No offense). Hey, we will raise them together, not that oh the hooman is out of your body so your responsibility no way! It takes two to tango remember! (I’m trying to be sober to not write indecent stuff here… you know what I mean ;))

Too much ha? I wanted to go till the old age then I was like, let me ask him first with all those above sentences written which is like the tip of an iceberg,

K – Do you still want to marry me? I’m not too easy to handle and with a mind of my own. Heads up!

Given all my jittery feelings and crazy thoughts, I can’t wait to take the plunge with you and share my days and nights with you and get up every morning right beside you. I love you!


Yours now and forever,



Phew! This feels good. I think I can sleep now. I’ll give this to him as soon as I meet him tomorrow and and and ask him to read later.


Done. All set.

Nighty Night to me!

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