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To make a definition what is life? Is ever a most complex thing. Life is a philosophical subject, on which we can talk limitlessly and of course differently. But dramatically I found a whole meaning of life in the journey of kites-the moment we were planning to take off our kites and their unplanned sudden landing or we decide it is enough to be in the sky for kites. We had to invest and take time to choose kites, we had so many options but when we were at that situation we could not take more time to decide and fancily we pick as per our old perception some options. Once in a blue moon in my life I flew kites. I was never good at these activities. But it’s a different time, different place, different pace of life….. I was eager to fly kite . I was not ready techniquely, but   it was the call of my heart. The essence of the day is that –together we can face any situation and never lose if we are all together.   

I made a kite ready for flying, I tried a lot but the kite was not passing our roof, all were laughing at me, but the amazing thing was that I also joined these laugh riots. A break make me realize, I  made ready my kite from the wrong side, then I didn’t correct it, but picked a second one and made  it ready correctly .We had brought 12 kites so there were plenty of options. Sometimes options make thing easy and sometimes complex too.

We all have the potential to grow at our own pace but space is limitless, so we need a guide, a mentor, a torch bearer. He make us focus, simplifies our dilemmas so that we accomplish our task and move towards the next.    When Pallav joined us, all clouds were shattered and a fresh energy pondered in us. Kite flies, when we let it fly, although we always control it and give direction, still it flies in its way. Our learning process has a lot of similarities with the flying process of kites.

After that we flew 10 kites, we enjoyed a lot, but our enjoyment was not complete because we did not cut any kite yet, only lost our kites. We had a great lunch that day and restarted our celebration with ten more kites. Kites showed us all the phases, every up and down of its life span. We were optimistic to cut kite. Finally our patience and determination paved the way, and we cut two kites. There was no other kite in the sky at that time and we happily returned to pavilion, our home.

It has been my personal experience that the true flavor, the real fun, the continuous excitement of work lie in the process of doing it rather than in having it over and done with. To return to the four basic factor that I am convinced are involved in successful outcomes: goal-setting, positive thinking, visualizing and believing.

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