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Life Has An Expiry Date...So Live, Love And Let Live.
Life Has An Expiry Date...So Live, Love And Let Live.

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My Mum was a very hard working woman. I have seen her work before the day would break until late at night after everyone was tucked well into the bed. Though I was too little to understand the level of sacrifice she did each day, I only knew that mom was too busy a woman to give enough time to us. One day, after returning late from the work, she quickly got inside the kitchen to prepare dinner for us. There was dal and chapatti that day with some fried potatoes. Since it was already late, she first served the food to the kids so that they could get to their bed in time. The chapattis were fresh and hot... while we were still eating; she quickly made chapattis for Dad as well and served him the dinner. However, the chapattis that were served to daddy were burnt.

“I am so sorry dear,” said mom to daddy. “No problem honey. I love burnt chapatti. It has an altogether different flavour,” said daddy.

As I washed my hands I wondered how burnt chapattis could taste good! I couldn’t stop myself and as I gave a goodnight kiss to my father I asked, “Do you really like burnt chapattis?” 

My dad kissed me back and picked me up onto his lap and said, “Your mamma had a very hard day and she is very tired today. In spite of all this she has no complaints. She made dinner for all of us and ensured that things were just going perfect so that everyone is comfortable. Moreover a burnt chapatti doesn’t really hurt! Life is full of things that are imperfect. Even I am not perfect at all things. So what if a small imperfection has happened today. It is important that we accept each other with ease with such imperfections. Accepting each other’s fault and letting go of differences helps to create a happy, healthy and strong relationship.”

I had learnt a beautiful lesson that day and believe me, I was proud to have parents from whom I learnt life’s most important lessons without actually going to any school. Love the people who are a part of your life and accept them the way they are. Life is indeed too short to have any place for complaints. Remember, it has an expiry date. So live, love and let live!

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