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Shall I Tell You How I Feel
Shall I Tell You How I Feel

© Srinath Iyer


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Why didn’t I find you earlier?

Where were you all this while?

Feel you are that same girl of my dreams,

With whom I walked down the aisle.


Entering my life like a breath of fresh air,

Giving life a purpose making the journey worthwhile,

Bringing in hope, driving away despair,

So very magical is your beautiful smile.


Was a guy used to enclose to enclosed spaces,

Finding cozy comfort within the four walls,

At home with replicas devoid of natural traces,

Full of lifeless structures and soulless halls.


Opening my eyes to the wide open spaces,

You threw me right into nature’s bosom,

Guiding me to all the wonderful places,

Discovered with you landscapes awesome.


You drive me crazy making me wait,

Then with a cute little grin an apology you say,

You put on this child like gait,

That innocence in your eyes melts my heart away.


Walking with you feels like a dream,

Taking lazy strolls to explore paths anew,

Your words flowing like a running stream,

As pleasant as winter laced with morning dew.


Goodbye, you say, when it is just going steady,

Released from your spell, I ask, is it time already?


Saying goodbye is not something I look forward to,

But there’s a part I secretly relish what to do,

If you are with the girl you are trying to woo,

Caressing her palms is a beautiful experience too!


Touching your hand feels so cold,

Quite a contrast to the warmth you exude,

Don’t feel like letting go, can I be that bold?

Can I take such a liberty, such latitude?


While bidding goodbye I ask as a parting gift,

A cozy hug, a peck on the cheek,

To leave with that beautiful feeling,

Of having found the special one that so many seek,

Experiencing, I am, an avalanche of emotions,

These are just a glimpse, just a sneak peek,

Will reveal them tell you all,

When we celebrate my birthday this very week!

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