Roll And Roll

Roll And Roll

2 mins 23 2 mins 23

Time is rolling away like Rolls Royce.

 But you aren’t

A lovely night never ends fast

Night and day roll

Plenty of time to roll

Gigantic moods roll well

Night program never halt

 Justify the night ǁ


Poem Gist:


Time never stops.

It rolls away

Day comes, Night ends

Again Day Comes

Again Night ends.

It’s rolling each day

Days roll, months roll, years roll.

People become old

Old water go

New water come

Love in between plays an important role in one’s life

Love rolls during the nights

Moods also roll well

Its unending life and love programs

One has to justify the night

Time never stops

Life also never stops

Love too never stops

Everything is inter-linked and intra-linked 

Time and Life never go hand in hand


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