Joshua writing

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Joshua writing

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A Lot

A Lot

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I wish for someone to cling on me

Even when I'm at my last peak of living

Life will always find a way to keep me alive, keep me believing 

Pain calls on suicide 

As my new ride

A flood from rain drops on a hill side

Dreams crushed my whole pride

I can't hide my pain in the rain

With the endless drops on my face, I fail to ensnare the remain

My kindness, ropes that hang in my room

Leave no trace to the reason why I should become the groom

My sadness is happiness that would bang in bloom

Regardless with what fate wields

All smiles turned to be shields

Pain repels 

Death prevails

 I'm tired of chasing my dreams even they, are tired of chasing fate

The prophecy says I'm somewhat late

Before reaching heavens gate

Wields the devil's hate


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