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Importance Of Relationship

Importance Of Relationship

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The feeling of love is a nature;

 Feeling a mother's love is mature.

A gift is made artificially;

 Mother's affection made naturally, 

Time of birth gives new life;

 The time of death gives end to life. 

Beauty is made for other's show,

 Real beauty is made for helping others. 

A symbol of good memory gives life a pleasure, 

 Symbol of bad memory gives life a sorrow;

 Earth is filled with various colors;

 Man's life also filled with a variety of relations;

Relations like mom, dad, sister, brother 

 Aunty, uncle is filled with love and care. 

 The relationship is important in life;

 The relationship tells how much love you get in others' hearts!

 Friends also a relation of love!

 Have all love and commitment in relations,

 Be positive humanity in the inner of you!

 Time to birth to death proves a real war or grace of life!


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