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My Most Precious Gift From God
My Most Precious Gift From God

© Mohammed Junaid Khan


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It's completely eleven years now that you came in my life,

You became the centre of the world for me and my wife,

Before you were born, for your well being I prayed,

With your birth I felt, all my good deeds got repaid,

I could never forget your first sight,

The nurses bought you in a tray and it felt you were emitting some light,

That was surely a halo,

Cos we were blessed with an angel, I know,

Seeing you grow everyday always made me delighted,

Your every growing milestone got me super excited,

Crawling on your stomach, to the first word you spoke,

The way you took your first step, to the first day of your school where you cried till you choked,

I see myself in you, when I see you everytime,

But I want you to grow into a better man than me, much sublime,

It's every father's dream to be known by his son's name,

And I pray for you great health, abundant wealth and unparalleled fame,

You'll soon grow into a complete man as time's pace is swift,

But always remember my son, your presence in my life is my most precious gift.

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