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About A Garden

About A Garden

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My soul is a garden

And probably yours too

"How does this garden grow?", you ask

But the answer to this, I don't know.

But don't plant perfect painted Daisies

All in the row;

So flowers that are wild

That reach towards the sky

In brilliant imperfect tangles.

Let the showers if love rain down

And quench their thirst

Blazing Ray's of sunshine

Upon this heaven.

Share with the world

Your untamed unruly spectacular

Share the light

With this dark black world.

Believe that there is still light in you.

Even when the deep darkness

From your fingers

Is the only thing that you can grasp

Even when the sun is a distant


And the cyclical thudding in your chest

Shakes the rhythm of your belly

Until the only thing, you can think is

No one loves me,

No one will ever love me,

Even then remember,

That you are mostly water,

And even though water sometimes drowns

It also gives life, quenched thirst

And always remembers to come to

The share

Just like you

Bravely returning to yourself

Remember, even on the days that

You don't feel like days

And the nights that breathe fire

That you are not your worst piece.

You are brightness you are light.

On my skin, water in my hair

My lips on hi, my hands on him

His touch on my cheek, his mouth on my

Neck, speaking words of pleasant despair.

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