Global Peace

Global Peace

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A wailing one amidst corpses,

Bodies strewn like bits of paper.

What bloodshed man has brought,

That which a war among no Gods ever thwart.

Thousands running for their lives,

Some dying, while others just survive.

Violence not just in deeds today,

In words and thoughts too it reigns.

He, whom God created supreme,

Has today wrath his anger over every being.

What generations to come will learn,

Are only screams of help and yearn.

Another Buddha or Mahatma are we waiting for?

A second revolution are we seeking for?

For there lies a Mahatma nestled in every soul.

So recharge, awaken and rise up to the role.

B’cause times are calling to strike a change,

To make the world a better place for our race.

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