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Rinku Kumari



Rinku Kumari


As She Goes

As She Goes

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She liked that, her newfound loneliness cloaked by insecurities

And seemed happy with the gleaming new key to freedom she held

In her arctic zone, her silent tears iced within her heart

Laced by the stunning white of ice all over

The colors, as she saw them now seemed different

She saw them in hues of muffled greys

Time had moved from when she once saw the distant rainbows

And reach out to touch them on skies.

She was grounded now, the pebbles

hurting her all over as they poked

She drinks the pain, as she got closer to her bare elements

And now she could crumble any time

She said she still saw the kite strings

Spiraled all over skies above her

The colorful kites seem so far away

They had lost the promise they once held

There was no more sunshine

That could make her once-supple skin gleam

She inched slowly to the hemming borders of death

Like the many fearless women who stepped on earth before.

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