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Love And War

Love And War

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When you are in love,

You are so cool.

Even in the day,

You dream like a fool.


Seeing a glimpse of her,

In love you fall.

For you she is,

Above all.


When you are in war,

You are so torn.

You can not see,

Your just newborn.


At the border,

There are bullets and grenades.

In this sound,

Humanity just fades.


Love is the most,

Beautiful relation.

One of the best,

God’s creation.


Love gives you peace,

Love makes you kind.

Paints the goodness,

On your mind.


War is just,

A man made thing.

Hate and sadness,

It will bring.


Innocent people,

Lose their lives.

Leave behind weeping,

Children and wives.


Love in the family,

Is the force that binds you.

If you get your love,

You are lucky, of a few.


All your wishes,

Have just come true.

Make you a lovely person,

With a better point of view.


During periods of war,

You have unknown fears.

Everyone is sad,

Your eyes have tears.


You may not meet,

Your near and dears.

In this phase,

You miss those cheers.


Love your neighbour,

Love your mate.

You lose nothing,

But it makes you great.


Love your country,

And love your life.

Love all your relations,

Especially your wife.


War is just a,

Tool of destruction.

History shows that,

It has destroyed many nations.


Nuclear war can,

Destroy all the world.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki are the two,

We have heard.


There is a saying,

We have heard so far.

That everything is fair,

In love and war.


Love gives us smiles,

And war gives us scars.

So love is fair,

And not the war.




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