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What I Dreamt For !!!!!!!!
What I Dreamt For !!!!!!!!

© Janvi Sahajani


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My heart melted everyday talking to you,

Daily there was a new thing I got addicted to you.

You are the only thought in my mind,

But the reason behind that was yet undefined.

Don't know what made me feel this way,

Maybe your smile took my heart away.

My heart is full of happiness I never felt like,

I dreamt of someone you were totally alike.

It grew stronger everyday, this strange feeling,

Then I started imagining you in each and everything,

Now I knew you are someone about whom I was dreaming,

You are someone I wanted to be my prince charming.

I always imagined of a silent place,

A peaceful night with a perfect route to trace.

Silence between you and me was the thing I loved,

How can someone read your silence I wondered!!!!!

Sitting somewhere silently with the person you love,

Is nothing less than flying like a dove.

Daily wished to wake up with your voice,

You are and will be my best ever choice.

Was it to much to ask for??

Was it something too much to expect for???

Should I not get what I was praying for???

Was is wrong to have what I dream't for????

I asked this questions a million times,

Whatever I wished was it a crime.

It is a most beautiful and sacred feeling,

Decided to never let it go....

As it was something I was heartily praying for....

How amazing it is to find someone,

Who unknowingly becomes your everyone.

I can wait whole my life to be with you,

It is worth waiting because it's you.

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